Eleanor Lester, M.Sc., CMC

Eleanor is a Principal in Metanoia Inc. She has extensive experience in facilitating organizational, team and personal development within large complex environments and nonprofit and entrepreneurial entities. She helps organizations diagnose cultural inhibitors to growth, identify leverage points for sustained change, and define and implement strategic initiatives to enhance performance. Specialties include executive assessment and development coaching, leadership team assessment and coaching, organizational vision, mission, and core values development, communication and stakeholder commitment facilitation and performance alignment and improvement.

Eleanor LesterOver the last 15 years, Eleanor has worked most recently with KPMG in Canada and independent of KPMG, has worked extensively in the US and in Europe and Africa. Her engagements include cultural change in an government agency; acquisition integration; change management in ERP selection and implementation; strategy and process development with a major automobile manufacturer; management team development and process improvement with labs in major hospitals; team and organizational learning and growth in high technology companies; and leadership assessment and development in high technology and non-profits.

During the 1990's, Eleanor was a Vice- President with Digital Equipment and held various executive Sales, Marketing and Consulting positions. Significant achievements included revenue and profit growth; radical strategy change to address high growth emerging markets; associated organizational capability development and implementation of industry, account and project strategies; and systems to track business growth and profitability.

Eleanor believes in cultural change from the inside out. If employees are engaged and excited about their work and their work is aligned with corporate priorities, then customers will be satisfied. Employees want to contribute to a worthwhile endeavor and want to feel valued as people and as employees. Employees also want challenge and are at their best when finding creative ways to solve problems. Critical to this approach is facilitative and focused leadership at every level within the company. And critical to sustainable cultural change is a tangible ROI.

Achieving sustainable results requires top-down management commitment to, and a capacity for, facilitative, focused leadership. Competent project management of aligned short-term performance goals contributing to the long-term focus is essential.

Eleanor is a Certified Management Consultant and a Certified Executive Coach.  She is currently enrolled in Walden University's Ph.D. program in Applied Management and Decision Sciences with a specialty in Organizational Change and Leadership. She holds a Master of Science in Computing Science from University of Toronto, and has also studied at City University, Washington, University of Alberta, Edmonton, and INSEAD (International Management Education Program). She is qualified to administer MLQ leadership assessments and EQ-I and MBTI, emotional and personality development instruments


Jennifer Holden, M.Ed., Ed.D, CEC

Jennifer Holden is a senior human resources and organizational development consultant with extensive and varied public, private and not-for-profit sector experience  In addition to providing leadership to most aspects of human resources and labour relations management, Jennifer has led and shared the leadership of bargaining union-management collective agreements within the public sector.

Jennifer's expertise and experience include coaching at the executive and team level, social network analysis, corporate social responsibility, action based learning, and employee engagement. In 2000, Jennifer completed the degree of Doctor of Education at the University of British Columbia with research culminating in a thesis describing the then emerging area of corporate social responsibility and triple-bottom line accounting. Prior to this, Jennifer completed a Master of Education at Simon Fraser University. She has studied in the area of applied behavioural sciences at the Leadership Institute of Seattle Bastyr University and personnel management at the BC Institute of Technology. Most recently, Jennifer has completed the Royal Roads University program in Executive Coaching with the International Coach Federation (ICF) designation of Certified Executive Coach

Dr. Holden has completed studies in the area of social network analysis with Dr. Karen Stephenson and is licensed to use Netform™, a network analysis tool that enables the mapping and analysis of formal and informal networks in organizations. Jennifer is also qualified to facilitate "Corporate Circles™, a model designed to reduce and resolve toxic work environments via communication, conflict reduction and coaching.

Chris Dennis, MBA, CA(SA), CEC

Chris specializes in helping executives dig through confusion to arrive at as simple a solution as appropriate. For the past twenty years, Chris has coached executives and facilitated team building, problem solving and organizational redesign with the goal of making situations as simple as possible but not simpler. He has experience in trade finance from lending decisions, being a sounding board for growth strategies and company turnarounds.

An executive MBA reinforced Chris' strategic thinking and Appreciative Inquiry and Cognitive-Edge training honed his facilitation competencies He is a Certified Executive Coach through Royal Roads University, an International Coaching Federation accredited training institution and his keynote speaking is continually sharpened by active membership of the Canadian Association of Public Speakers.