Leader Coaching Integrated with Major Change Initiatives

Change can be driven by social trends, leader change, unengaged employees, information technology, restructuring or survival pressure driven by the competition--or a mix of any of these and many other factors.  Regardless, change disrupts people's lives.  Eleanor has a deep interest in systemic change--in society, in organizations and within individuals and works towards integrating complex change with individual engagement.

Government and Non-profits

Eleanor has had a strong interest and experience in the justice sector.  She has facilitated strategic planning, board and staff alignment, leadership assessment and development, cultural change and operational improvement. A recent project began with the formulation of a vision and values around a government mandate and identification of strategic themes and objectives aligned with a balanced scorecard framework. This led to high involvement initiatives designed and implemented by staff to realize the vision and create an engaged workforce. 


Eleanor has experience in the food and automotive industries.  Within food manufacturing she has facilitated change agent team development in ERP selection and process improvement in ERP implementation.  She has also facilitated development and implementation of a change management strategy and HR integration across an international food parent company and its acquisition.

In vehicle design and manufacturing, Eleanor has led and facilitated improvement in corporate and plant management of physical fixed assets and manufacturing resource planning, scheduling and purchasing. This has included process definition and implementation, and policy, role and responsibility, measurement and behavioral change design/modification. Areas of focus have included warranty recovery, asset value recovery, asset lifespan planning, asset sustainment, spare parts management, technology owner identification, manufacturing asset reuse, and capital spending. Initiatives have crossed functional, divisional, hierarchical, and geographic boundaries.


Eleanor has facilitated Management Team Development for a major hospital. She has led and facilitated laboratory redesign and consolidation for public and private laboratories including strategy-setting, management development, process redesign, physical redesign, and quality decision-making improvement. She has facilitated outpatient department operational improvement.

High Technology

Eleanor has conducted cultural and executive team and individual assessments, and planned and facilitated cultural change at overall strategy, team and individual levels. This has included systems-thinking facilitation applied to strategy setting, leadership team and consultative selling development; core values facilitation to enhance organizational commitment; employee learning days to improve focus and engagement; competency and compensation planning and implementation.  Recent engagements have included cultural assessments leading to communication and human resource support initiatives to improve organizational dynamics.


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