Metanoia Inc. improves organizational performance…

We link the heart or passion of leaders with a vision for themselves within the organization. The vision emerges from collective desire married with opportunity and potential-both for the organization and the individual. Our approach is employee-centric--we bring fun and fulfillment to work and we make performing a want.

At an organizational level we:

  • reduce barriers and facilitate trust across imagined boundaries
  • engage leaders with self-awareness, vision, a way forward and action
  • involve everyone important to the target goal
  • facilitate a way forward which is creative, tested against uncertainties, and implementable
  • create a line of sight at every level for every employee and a common sense way of measuring it
  • ensure priorities are recognized and supported

At a team and individual level we:

  • facilitate self and relationship awareness
  • increase realization of the difference any team or individual makes
  • build capacity in making a difference 
  • facilitate development of leaders as trusted mentors and coaches
  • build clear, two-way, frequent and appreciative communication

The principles on which we work with the individual are:

  • every person wants to realize his/her dreams-where one's value is recognized and appreciated by others
  • every person wants to contribute by choice
  • every person wants to build meaning in life-work and personal

The principles on which we work with the organization include:

  • integrity - in the relationship with the individual and with the organization
  • learning - commitment to transfer of process knowledge and capability to the organization
  • responsibility - for self and commitments
  • growth - for the long term
  • clear communication - knowing what will happen and why, living it happening, and appreciating it happening

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